NFL media, enough with the weapons reference

17 Oct

The first thing, and only thing  I want to say is,  get some originality media, sports radio, and television analysts. I’m sick of hearing all of you refer to any offense player that catches the ball and might have the chance to score a TD as a “weapon”. Jesus Christ, are you this lame? No matter where I read, or listen, I hear this pathetic adjective. Ohhh, ” The Bears have brought in some new weapons for Jay Cutler this year, the offense should be much improved”. Or, “with all the weapons Aaron Rodgers has around him, they should be a formidable offense”, etc, etc,…Come on, is this the best you can do? What happened to referring to individual players by the actual position that they play? If a team brought in a new WR and a new TE, are they not intricately different parts of the offense? Or are they both just new ” weapons” for the QB?  I might be knit picking, but I’ve heard this lazy excuse for a reference so much this year, it sickens me. When Jimmy Graham goes down, is it a loss of a TE, or the loss of a Weapon for Brees? If there is one thing I have realized from my years of listening to sports talk radio and television, is that you all for the most part copy each other. FYI,  That’s the last thing your listeners want to hear. In closing, “I am so done with” everyone referring to offense playmakers as weapons, this isn’t war, this is a game.


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